Authors note: Trash mouth alert & advanced apology


I came to this amazing realization that even though I’m always looking ahead to our next vacation, I don’t have a life I want a vacation from.

Truth be told, I live every day in a chaos s&*!tstorm, yet wake up each morning happy to face my massive to-do list, and oh so many unfinished projects.

My husband and I have a family business that’s growing and changing daily.  We love it, for so many reasons, but it is not without some sleepless nights and long days.

I have my own virtual business that no matter how I try to set “real business hours”, it never seems to happen.  Facebook & Gmail never sleep and neither do my customers who, when ready to jump on the healthier lifestyle bandwagon, are not looking at the clock.

Social, coaching & volunteer commitments round out our weeknights with meetings and practices and we’re thankful for a very, well used crockpot (if you have any good recipes email me).

The biggest wildcard these days are the “Terrible Teens” (you thought the 2’s & 3’s were tough).  My teens are AWESOME…they are not terrible.  In fact, I love them so much I want to type an entire row of emoji hearts right now.  However, their schedules fit that bill.  Their  “uncontrolled” commitments:  friends, the immediate need for everything, school project supplies, haircuts and yes, underwear, have a way of making even the most well planned calendar, explode.

Allison plays 3 sports and loves visiting with her friends.  Nathan is worse.  He has a part time job, but needs a ride, is learning to drive, but not alone yet, plays 2 sports and as of the day of this writing, is adding winter league because he has the time???? He’s also starting college visits, and college test prep has arrived. And he has a girlfriend.

These kids are busy with a capital B.

That means their schedule is also MY schedule.

It sounds as if I’m saying this is bad.  It isn’t.  It’s life.  It’s our exciting, messy, chaotic existence.  Can it be confusing? Yes. Is it a balance? Yes.  Do I want to give it up?



I have really, really thought on this.  I get a lot of mixed messages.  We’re socialized to sit in the bleachers and lament over the kids commitments, but I would rather them be working or playing a sport then binging on those dumb netflix shows (unless it’s Greys or Scandal)

Yet the memes on social that claim it’s ok to  “Live a life by design”.

That’s what we’ve done.

Maybe accidentally, maybe with intention.

If you build it, it will come

The glass is full.

I’m grateful for it.

So as we approach the end of this year that flew by WAY too fast, what are you grateful for? What is it about your life that fuels you and makes you happy to get up?

For me, it’s knowing that whether I’m coaching women to be better than yesterday,  or if I’m working with Joe to create the best business we can, or if I am supporting my kids to become the best citizens they can be, I am grateful.

Grateful for the chaos

And no, I don’t want it to be all that different, or less.

Calgon doesn’t need to take me away, but I do want to go on vacation.

I realize that I might have to wait for basketball season to be over or go away without the kids (hmmmmm), but either way, my nutty life will be here when I get back, facebook will still be open for business and I will still be filling up my gas tank to drive someone, somewhere.

So deep breaths.  Power up the mac, consult the calendar and just do!  As usual, I’m busy today, but Oh! An email just arrived with some discount airfares, so I might need to check that out.